Already well renowned as the talent, voice and songwriter responsible for The Universal, Terry Shaughnessy is back with a brand new solo album. Songs From Another Life, is, on the face of it, an acoustic album, however, it goes much deeper than that. Terry is a genius songwriter. The sheer quality of his latest work shines brightly on each and every number. Melodic tracks such as Big Wide World and Satellites are both outstanding, as is Let It Burn, which, er, burns itself into the subconscious. The entire album from start to finish is immense. The aforementioned trio of tracks are the particular ones that have, at the time of writing, caught my attention. If classic British guitar music appeals, Terry’s brand new offering should be right at the top of your must-have list. Out now on Griffiths Records, go on treat yourself, you deserve it.
Mark Sargeant (Scootering) 
“Twenty years ago, Britpop was on the rise, with bands like Cast, Elastica and Shed Seven playing it down the line, with no frills, no synths and no pretence of doing anything other than perform great tunes packed with infectious guitar riffs. Since then, Indie has been tainted with many new coats of paint, so praise be to The Universal for stripping it back down!”
Daily Mirror (UK)
“The bands music burns brightly with an intelligent passion fuelled rhetoric that displays the bands working class roots proudly on their sleeves.”
Mark Thorpe – Zani
“The Universal swaggered on stage. Terry Shaughnessy has the class and style that every great front man should have. We must have been getting close to 1am but they were fresh, and ready to put in a stellar shift of music. Backed up by a great crowd, these guys didn’t disappoint and probably produced one of the best live sets BAND IN A BOX has witnessed. Fantastic musicianship of the highest order. Music sounds brilliant when you have a band like this headlining the night. Hope to get them back in the very near future and if we do, do not miss out. You have BEEN WARNED!”
Band In A Box
“The Outsiders is packed to overflowing with top drawer proper songs performed by a proper band. Classic British Guitar Music that has a retro slant as well as being bang on the money for right now.”
Sarge – Scootering Magazine


The Universal